Do It Yourself (DIY) can offer advantages over purchased solutions.

Although sometimes economically driven, tackling a project yourself gives you the opportunity to obtain new skills and express creativity. There comes a real satisfaction from getting that unique result that is reflective of your tastes and personality.

The key to successfully undertaking a DIY project is in the planning. Work out what you need to do and break it down into steps. Look at each step and what it requires in resources. For resources for your next project check out out DIY Resources pages.

If you need inspiration for your next DIY project check our DIY Ideas pages, with great DIY Ideas for paving, laying turf, retaining walls and more.

Our DIY Advice pages will provide you with the answers to all your building questions from what’s involved in building a retaining wall to instructions about laying your new lawn.

DIY Advice- Laying Turf
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