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Face Brick

Bricks provide an ideal building material.

Some of the benefits of building with bricks are:

  • Durability and robustness ensuring a longer life for the building.
  • Insulating – Bricks absorb sound and even out temperature fluctuations.
  • Low Maintenance – Use of face bricks minimizes painting and rendering meaning lower costs and less environmental impacts.
  • Natural – Made from clay bricks have virtually no emissions.
  • Recyclable – Bricks are inert and can be used as a filling material.

  • Materials in the Raw can source bricks from all of Sydney’s major suppliers offering an endless range of style, design and colour. Our online offering includes:

    The Boral Escura® Range; Escura bricks are a great choice to achieve strong clean lines and clear uniform colours that exude today’s contemporary style. Styles include Escura Smooth Face, the ultimate in sophisticated refinement, with a ceramic look finish. Or, for a tightly grained texture evocative of suede choose Escura Velour. To carry through the clean crisp look of Escura finish with white mortar and ironed or rolled joints.

    The Boral Horizon ® range; Horizon bricks offer a broad selection of textures, colours and blends. From the deeper brown hues of Leura to the softer colours of Jarosite there is a brick style to suit every family and budget.

    To see samples of these bricks or for more information contact your closest Materials in the Raw store .


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