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Masonry Grey

Masonry Grey Block is the concrete block that is the cost effective building product extensively used in the construction industry.

Blocks are primarily used for the construction of buildings, walls and retaining walls. The blocks are mortared together, with additional strength being obtained by core filling and reinforcing with steel bar.

Advantages of using masonry blocks for construction include:

  • Blocks are non combustible
  • They can increase the thermal mass of a building.
  • They are available in different finishes so don’t require painting.
  • If built in accordance to relevant codes and standards structure will have a long life.

  • The blocks come in a standard 200mm series, (190mm wide with allowance for 10mm mortar joint), but are also available in:

  • 100mm series
  • 150mm series
  • 300mm series.

  • All series have an extensive size range which includes different widths, fractions, solid and cored units.

    Masonry blocks are also available in coloured split face and smooth face finishes. Materials in the Raw has access to blocks from Australia’s leading manufacturers so enquire in store with your project requirements.


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