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Bagged cement and concrete are used in many trade and DIY projects.

With lots of products on the market knowing what to buy can be confusing.

Here is a list of the most common types of cement and concrete blends and their uses.


  • Builders Cement is a blend of portland cement and fly ash. It is also known as builder’s grey cement.


  • General Purpose Cement (GP Cement) is straight cement and is manufactured from portland cement clinker, gypsum and limestone.

Builder’s cement and general purpose cement have a wide range of applications for structural and non structural projects. They are used as an ingredient when mixing concrete, grout, mortar and render.

  • Off White Cement is used when a lighter and brighter colour finish is required. It can be mixed with oxides to get a coloured finish for mortars and cement render.


  • Concrete Mix is a premixed blend of cement, aggregate and sand. Concrete mix is easy to use and ideal for garden edges, paths, concrete slabs, foundations, footings, posts and uprights for pergolas and decks.


  • Rapid Set Concrete is an easy to use blended product made from cement, sand, specialist additives and aggregate. It is formulated to harden rapidly. This product is highly suitable for fixing fence and non-load bearing pergola posts, clothes hoists and other non-structural uses.


  • Clay is a finely milled, air separated clay used as a plasticiser in mortar and render mixes.


  • Paving Gap Sand is a special blend of graded fine sands and additives designed to lock into place all types of brick and block paving. Forms a workable yet stable joint between pavers, inhibiting weed & insect infestation and minimising paver distortion.



For more information on the use of these products check out our DIY pages.


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