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Link Edge

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Link Edge is Australia’s Best and Most Reliable Aluminium Gardening Edge.

Link Edge’s unique patent and design registered design is the superior aluminium edging solution.

Link Edge is designed and made with durable, high-quality aluminium and allows for complete flexibility. It is time-saving and a long-lasting metal landscape edging solution that can be used to form straight, curved, angled and circular-edges with ease.

Link edge comes in 3m lengths with heights of 40/50mm, 75mm and 100mm. The lengths are joined with fishplate or corner connectors and attached to the ground with edge spikes. An advantage of using link edge is that the lengths can be laid out, with edge spikes half hammered into the ground. If the positioning is not satisfactory they can then be removed and the link edge repositioned.

Link Edge is suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects including:

  • Turf and synthetic turf edging
  • Paving edging
  • Sports surfaces edging
  • Landscaping edging
  • Terracing edging
  • Garden beds edging
  • Paths edging
  • Tree surrounds edging
  • Water tank base edging.


For more information on the use of Link Edge check out our DIY pages.




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