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We offer a broad range of Mulch Supplies and Mulching Products for Sydney landscapers, builders & gardeners.

One of the most effective ways of reducing the work and improving the soil in your garden beds is by applying an organic mulch or woodchip. Mulch has an amazing number of benefits including:


  • Holds in moisture and reduces evaporation of water from the soil by up to 50%.
  • Regulates soil temperature to insulate and protect plant roots in extreme weather conditions.
  • Minimises soil erosion from soil and rain.
  • Breaks down, providing soil organic matter.
  • Inhibits weeds.
  • Adds to the appeal of the garden by providing a uniform look at the base of plants.


Selecting mulch is usually a matter of personal preference and budget. As a general rule -when choosing your mulch remember that the finer the mulch the quicker it will break down into the soil. If you are looking for soil improvement you may want to try leaf mulch, sugar cane or eucalyptus mulch whereas for durability try a wood chip or pine bark.  For colour contrast you may like to apply red wood chip. Red wood chip is dyed with environmentally non toxic dyes. This looks especially good in formal areas with dark green foliage such as with box hedging. Alternatively you may find that if you have a sand stock brick house you may like eucalyptus mulch, harmonizing with the rusty golden new growth of Lillipillis. We stock the following types of Mulch:


Materials in the Raw stocks a wide range of mulches and these are available bulk by the cubic metre or in handy 50 – 60 litre bags. For tips on applying mulch in your garden, check out our DIY page.


If you would like more information or a quote on commercial mulching project pricing contact our commercial landscape sales team here > You can also visit our physical yards and purchase mulch at Chullora and Guildford in Sydney. For more information on our yard locations click here >


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