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Vertical Garden Wall

Increase your growing area and bring nature closer with a vertical garden.

Versiwall ® GP is a simple solution for creating an affordable, living wall.

It has never been easier to green-up a drab old wall or fence. Versiwall is ideal for creating a vertical garden in courtyards, on balconies or just about anywhere that you want to make the most of limited space.

The VersiWall® Mounting Panels are screw fixed to the wall and the VersiPot simply hooks securely onto the Panel. Once the wall panels are installed, the area can be quickly filled with a mix of plants selected to complement your chosen theme.

Indulge your green thumb with a vertical herb garden or splashes of seasonal colour. Your vertical garden can be used to grow;


  • Indoor plants such as bromeliads and anthiriums.

  • Hardy outdoor ground covers and grasses such as ajuga and liriopes.

  • Fragrant plants such as scented geraniums, gardenia radicans and lemon thyme.

  • Or locate near a kitchen to provide the family a healthy edible garden full of lettuce, leafy greens, herbs or even strawberries.


When planting out your Versiwall garden use smaller pots such as a 140mm so your plants can establish well. We also recommend using a premium potting mix that retains moisture and has fertilizer added for lush growth.

For more information on building a Versiwall vertical garden, checkout our DIY and Resources pages or contact your local Materials in the Raw store.


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