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A pathway in a garden can be more than a shortcut through the lawn.

Pathways can add a design element, drawing the visitor through the garden and separating garden beds and other outdoor areas.

They can serve a practical purpose utilising an awkward space such as down the side of a house or provide formal shapes that are edged with plantings and leading to that special feature.

If wanting to construct a pathway there are several factors to consider:


  • Do the areas to be connected join in a straight line or will a curve be more complimentary?

  • Is the garden formal or informal?

  • What other materials being used in the garden and can any of these be utilised to create a uniform look?

  • How even is the ground?

  • How much effort will be needed to construct the path and will the budget allow?


The range of products that can be used to construct a pathway is endless and only restricted by your imagination. Different products such as pavers and gravel may be combined to compensate for difficult terrain and awkward shapes. Choose non-slip materials when possible and if spacing the steps ensure they are a comfortable distance for walking.


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