Bulk Product Quantities Available At Materials In The Raw

We have a Commercial Division specialising in bulk supply and delivery of a wide variety of premium bulk products including Sling Bags, Aggregates, Sands, Soils, Mulches and more!

Materials In The Raw has the area’s largest and most diverse range of bulk materials. Offering the building, construction, landscaping, and civil works industries a one stop shop for a whole range of aggregates, soils, sands, mulch & composts to meet any site specifications and budget.

Our bulk products include but not limited to;

  • Aggregates –  Natural and recycled – Sand, 5mm / 10mm / 20mm, site access material, rail ballast
  • Sands –  Riversand Fine and Coarse, Bricksand, White Sand, Fillsand
  • Soils –  Budget landscapers Mix, Premium Garden Soils, Premium Potting mix, Screened & Unscreened Soils
  • Composts –  Mushroom Compost, Chicken & Cow Manure
  • Mulch & Barks –  Eucalyptus Mulch, Pine Bark – small & Large, Hardwood Mulch, Redwood Mulch, Bush Mulch – Screened & Unscreened
  • Decorative Stone –  A massive Range of decorative stone, varying in colours, shapes, sizes and prices

Materials In The Raw not only have the most diverse range of products but we offer multiple options with deliveries, from tip trucks, truck and trailers & bulk bag deliveries, we are also extremely competitive with prices and offer an unbeatable service guarantee, as a commercial client you are dealing direct with the owner ensuring that you are getting the best possible prices as well as the best level of service ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

All product can be delivered in any sized tip trucks catering for small to the very large jobs, whether you are looking at 1 tonne or 1000+ tonne we can cater for your needs. All product can be delivered in 1 tonne bulk bags and delivered to site making it easy to contain product on small sites or multiple story sites.

Our drivers and operators are appropriately trained and licensed and will always operate according to worksafe standards. Materials In The Raw vehicles are fitted with the latest safety features and our truck fleet is fitted with GPS navigation and tracking ensuring our drivers get from A to B using the safest and most effective route.

View our truck fleet below:

3 Tonne Tipper Truck

12 Tonne Rigid Truck

12 Tonne Crane Truck

32-38 Tonne Tipper Truck

Shop Our Primary Bulk Product Range Ideal For Commercial Building Projects:




Decorative Pebbles

Call Us Today On - 13 13 82 to arrange your bulk order! Alternatively you can email us via our contact page.



  • It is best to call the store and arrange a large scale purchase so we can easily coordinate delivery times and requirements.
  • Materials In The Raw will always deliver on time to ensure your project runs smoothly.
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