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A driveway can be the dominating feature in the urban front yard.

A well designed paved driveway and can enhance the street appeal and add value to a property. With an endless range of colours and styles the pavers can be chosen to complement the design of the home.

Although significantly more expensive, pavers offer distinct advantages over the traditional poured concrete driveway;


  • Paving can be used as soon as it is laid and does not require curing like concrete.

  • Pavers can be laid out in interlocking patterns to add character and increase strength.

  • Pavers are generally small so heavy equipment is not needed for installation.

  • Pavers can be easily removed so damaged areas can be repaired and replaced.


There are generally 2 types of pavers suitable for driveways; Concrete or Clay. Concrete pavers are made to high standards and are available in a variety of colours and styles. Due to their finish they will tend to have more traction than poured concrete. Clay pavers are made from heat cured clay. They are available in warm earthy tones such as tan, gold and sand. They are not as strong as concrete but if installed correctly can still give many years of service.

As with any paving project, the quality of the finish will be dependent on the quality of the installation. The driveway needs to take the weight of traffic so if the base in not installed correctly eventually it will deteriorate, sink or crack.

For more information on installing a paved driveway, check out our DIY and resource pages.


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