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Porous substances are prone to staining and if subject to wet conditions can also suffer attack from mould and mildew.

If treated correctly with sealers, flooring such as pavers made from natural stone and masonry can be kept looking great for years, with a reduced need to clean.

Duram Azcoseal is a clear, 'Wet Look' Acrylic Sealer and Primer. It is an extremely versatile product that seals, primes and protects. Applied to walls, Azcoseal provides a clear, wet-look, barrier against rain water ingress. Applied to porous floors Azcoseal is a glossy floor sealer against dust, dirt and spills. Azcoseal is an excellent primer for semi-porous substrates such as tilt up slabs requiring to be coated with acrylic paints and texture finishes.

Duram S900 is a clear, non glossy penetrative sealer and waterproofing liquid. It is designed to be applied to porous tiles, grout and other surfaces to provide a waterproofing barrier against leaks and rain. Typical applications are tiled areas, over terracotta tiles, concrete and face brick walls as a rain barrier. Provided that your surface and/or grout is sound then S900 will be a fantastic cost saver in the prevention of leaks.


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